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Good TV is like buses. Nothing, then two arrive at once. I’m talking about Wimbledon and Love Island, obviously. I love both, equally. I mean I know Love Island is ridiculous but I just can’t. Stop. Watching. As for Wimbledon, I love that it gives us an excuse to watch telly in the afternoon, even when the sun’s out. And it means that the end of term is not far off, which is why there’s a gin along with the usual wine recommendation this week. Smashing.

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Current rose in the fridge: Vinalba Malbec Rose de la Familia

Price: £8.50 - Buy From Morrisons

My rose intake has gone through the roof since the sun came out and honestly, I’m sure it tastes better in the sun. This one is at the perky rather than pale end of the scale, with lovely fresh strawberry fruit aromas and red fruit flavours. We’re more used to drinking Malbec in red form but seriously, it looks great in pink. Match it with a big, herby, chilli-flecked salad.

Current gin in the cupboard: Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin

Price: £41.45 - Buy From Master of Malt

So this is basically like a brilliant, brilliant dream. Gin and wine in a bottle. Well, not quite. But almost. The producers batch distill their gin, then steep it for two months with Shiraz grapes from their neighbours in Australia’s Yarra Valley. The result is pinky purple in colour and tastes a bit like sloe gin-lite. There’s a definite berry hit and a hint of sweetness to it. Makes a mean Martini. Garnish with a grape, obvs.

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