Flying By

What a week. Met a deadline on Tuesday, another on Wednesday, had a flat tyre on Thursday (sorry, this is sounding like the worst Craig David song ever). But – hooray! – it’s Friday and the weekend is almost ours. It’s been quite a week so when I did get that flat tyre yesterday, I made the most of being stuck by the road whilst waiting for someone to come and rescue me (thanks, Mum!). Yes, I spent twenty blissful, uninterrupted minutes scrolling through my Instagram feed. I found recipe inspiration here, book recommendations here and rofled to something posted by brilliant website The Midult (if you’re middle-aged, follow them. Very funny). Time flew. Talking of which, click here if you want to see me flying on a trapeze. Did I mention I flew on a trapeze? I’m not sure Craig David’s ever done that.

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Current white in the fridge: Quadro Sei Single Estate Gavi

Price: £9.00 - Buy From M&S

Love this white, with all its fresh pear and almond flavours. Made from the Cortese grape, it’s one of those wines that you don’t even have to think about. Just whack it in the glass, get a salty snack to hand and sit down for the next twenty minutes with a book/make a phone call to a mate/go into the garden and enjoy the (relative) peace and quiet. A great decompression wine.

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Current red in the rack: Réserve des Hospitaliers Cairanne

Price: £7.49 - Buy From Waitrose

This one’s got a nice chunky offer on it at the moment (it’s normally £9.99) so worth stocking up on a few bottles if you love your reds with a side order of grrrr. From the Rhone region, Cairanne is one of just twenty villages in the Cotes du Rhone allowed to use their village name on the label as a badge of (quality) honour. Think bramble fruits and spice with a bit of earthiness. Great barbecue food-friendly wine.

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  • Hannah
    6 years ago

    Now, was this before or after the knee?! You’re amazing! And the M&S Gavi is pretty good too! X

    • Helen McGinn
      6 years ago

      Before! Ah, thank you x

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