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This time last week I was sitting in an alpine restaurant with a plate of macaroni covered in melted swiss cheese and a glass of crisp white swiss wine in front of me. We were in Lenzerheide for half term, a gorgeous ski resort the Husband had been to years ago, and it was heavenly. Last year’s ski trip ended in disaster (ruptured anterior cruciate ligament, possibly the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced. I mean, childbirth hurt more but at least you get a prize at the end of that. With a ruptured ACL, it’s all pain and no gain). But this year, with the help of a knee brace, I got back on skis and conquered the mountain. Or at least did a couple of runs before stopping for that plate of pasta and glass of white wine. We don’t see a lot of swiss wine over here, mostly because they drink so much of it over there. But one of this week’s picks is alpine-inspired; think aprés ski in a glass. And any aprés ski you can do sitting down is nailing it, IMHO.

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Current white in the fridge: Domaine de L’Idylle ‘Cuvée l’Orangerie

Price: £11.95 - Buy From Yapp

It’s alpine, but from France’s Savoie region rather than Switzerland. (If you want to buy swiss wines, try alpine wines.co.uk). Anyway, it has that same crisp, clean, lightly-floral-with-a-whiff-of-pear thing going on just as some of the lovely Swiss white wines have. Relatively low in alcohol too at just 11.5%. A couple of glasses of this and you’ll still be able to build a snowman.

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Current red in the rack: The Odd Lot

Price: £9.99 - Buy From Aldi

Rich, round, juicy red from California’s Monterey County, there’s absolutely nothing odd about this. Apart from the price, because it tastes more expensive than it is. Always good. It’s a beefy blend of two red grapes with enough alcohol to floor a small army so make sure you sip this one slowly. And sitting down, obviously. Lovely with chilli.

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  • Peter Walker
    5 years ago

    Helen. Did you need surgery after your ski “accident” last year?

    • Helen McGinn
      5 years ago

      I had to have an arthroscopy to clear up the damage but didn’t have a reconstruction. Decided I wasn’t likely to take up professional football at this stage if my life so would just try and get the muscles strong and do without an ACL. So far, so good!

  • 5 years ago

    Both options looks amazing, I’m curious about both of them!

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