Mother’s Day Booze

When it comes to Mother’s Day, I don’t ask for much. Which is just as well because the Husband would pass out if he knew how much my favourite bubble bath cost (Elemis Muscle Soak, as it happens). But I do insist on bubbles of another kind on Mother’s Day. In a glass bottle, preferably vintage. So this week’s picks are mostly bubbly, including an organic prosecco and a bargain vintage champagne. There’s also a gin that would make a brilliant gift (and costs less than the bubble bath). Here’s to you and yours (and mine, seen here. Filter: tequila) on Sunday.

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  1. Hey there lovely, any tips on how to choose the right gin? At the bar the the other night, all I wanted was a simple ‘G&T’. ‘Which one?’ came the innocent reply. Absolutely, no idea! Is there really that much difference between gins, apart from price tag? xx

  2. Helen McGinn

    I know what you mean, choosing a gin (and tonic, for that matter) isn’t as straightforward as it used to be. But that’s because there’s so much choice now. There are lots of different types of gin – some more citrusy, some more floral, others more spicy – but, like wine, it’s not always obvious what camp they fall into. If you like a stronger-smelling, gin-y gin, ask for something with lots of juniper (the most important botanical, gives gin its pine/medicinal character). But if you want something not so in-your-face gin-wise, ask for something lighter. Let me know what style you think you might prefer and I can give you some brands to try next time you’re ordering that G&T! x

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