On Monday, the Husband and I celebrated 30 years since we first started going out. We were fifteen, the year was 1988. So in an effort to recreate that late ’80s feeling I booked two tickets to see Chess The Musical at the London Colosseum. Stay with me. We met at Kettner’s beforehand in their gorgeous new champagne bar (FYI their house pour is a biscuity blanc de noirs, really good value vs. the other big names on the list). Then it was showtime. I laughed, I cried, I sang along to I Know Him So Well. Both parts, obviously. A night away without the kids and we came back feeling like we’d been on holiday for a week. Funny, then, how 30 years feels like no time at all.

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS for the 30 years together! It’s amazing what a night out together means when its a rare treat. Every best wish for the future & keep the blogs coming – very much enjoyed.

  2. Fabulous Helen, glad you had a good anniversary, keep up the good work. Love the blog & books xxx

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