Baby Steps

I do love a baby. Especially mine obviously, but they’re not babies anymore. And I’m not broody when I see one nowadays, just ridiculously tears-in-eyes happy. So much so I think I slightly freaked out the young mother in John Lewis last week, whose sleeping baby looked so beautiful tucked up in its pram I wanted to hug her (I didn’t). When the latest royal baby arrived earlier this week – adorable! – I loved seeing Prince Harry practically bursting with pride when he announced the news. I also loved the fact that they spent a couple of days (hopefully in pyjamas) together before facing the media. Seeing Kate on those steps last year in full make up, hair done and in heels hours after having hers made me feel quite uncomfortable and not just because I could barely walk in bloody slippers after having mine. But that’s another tears-in-eyes story.

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