Yours Truly

Last week, I was on Radio 4’s You & Yours programme talking about organic wines. The presenter, Peter White (it was Winifred’s day off), asked me if KMWC readers (that’s you!) were interested in organic wines and I said yes, actually. Lots of you are. Which is great: no chemicals used in the vineyard is obviously a Good Thing. Also, the fact that generally less sulphur is added compared with non-organic wines seems to make some of you feel generally less shit after drinking wine even if it’s just a glass or two (hello, menopause). The thing is just because a wine is organic, doesn’t mean it’s good quality. I’ve added an organic tab to all the individual wine reviews here so you can spot the ones that are. Hope that helps.

In other news, I had my first Aperol Spritz of the year this week and it smelt of warm days ahead. Truly.

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