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Glass Half Full

So, things are bonkers but – thank goodness – we have wine. Supermarket shelves might be looking a little depleted in places but there are plenty of brilliant independent wine merchants still delivering (check out this list if you’re looking for one).

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Virtual reality

I realise wine might not be on everyone’s list of ‘essentials’ but given we’re currently home schooling whilst working from home, it’s definitely on mine.

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Top Up

First things first: sending love to you and yours. Uncertain times but one thing I can do here is provide free wine advice on tap.

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I carried a watermelon

Okay, not exactly a watermelon. It was a jackfruit. No, me neither but apparently they’re the ‘meat’ of the vegetable world and you can make curries and stews out of them and it feels a bit like eating pulled pork.

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Listen Up

Firstly, an enormous thank you to anyone who bought a(nother) copy of The Knackered Mother’s Wine Guide. I didn’t think publication day would feel quite like it did second time around but it was a really joyful day full of messages, flowers and a few happy tears.

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Saturday Job

Yup, still January. But there have been highlights: I got to hold a copy of my new (old) book, the updated Knackered Mother’s Wine Guide, in my hands for the first time.

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