I love a good acronym as much as the next person, particularly when they can be used as mnemonic devices (my music teacher taught me Every Good Boy Deserves Fun. Aware that sounds bad). Anyway, my new favourite? Person Over Thirty Acting Twenty One. Yes, the P.O.T.A.T.O. Actually I’m nearly forty but P.N.F.A.T.O. doesn’t work so well. Point is, I love the idea of being a hot potato. Back then, a sleepless night was caused by something far more exciting than a toddler with a cough and a hangover was caused by considerably more than two glasses of red. Problem is, I’m just too tired to act my (old) age.

Current white in the fridge: Asda Vintage Champagne 2002, £20.17, Asda
I know! Well, it was Sunday and we had something to celebrate (I’ll be spilling the beans next week, hopefully. And no, I’m not pregnant. Are you INSANE)? So, we had this. I’d been tipped off that it was really, really good. And so it was. Made from the brilliant 2002 vintage, this is a gorgeous Champagne, with properly good biscuity and lemon flavours. Made from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes, it is so much smarter than I expected. Eaten with really bizarre apple and parma ham nibbles that my mum made. And cheese straws, obviously. Lovely, both. 

Current red on the side: La Part du Boucher NV, £11.99, Laithwaites
This is one of the wines I had to taste ‘blind’ on stage in front of about 200 people and guess what it was, remember that? I got it wrong. But do you know why? Because it is a ridiculous blend of wine from Pomerol, Pauillac, Grand Cru Saint-Emilion and Grenache from century-old vines in Maury, southern France, that’s why. But it works, it is delicious. Made by the Laithwaites wine-maker, a lovely Frenchman called Jean Marc Sauboua, here he’s hived off barrels of his favourites wines, mixed them all up and made ‘the butcher’s cut’. Genius, if a little unhinged. Eaten with our roast beef yesterday and universally loved. 


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  1. Ooh! Great champagne tip there… Only prob is I need many, many bottles (B's 40th and he's adamant he wants champagne – it's a "these are a few of my favourite things" party) at a very cheap price (I'm equally adamant that the budget won't run to full price bubbles).

    Will be stalking the Asda website for offers.

    ps looking forward to the exciting news!

    • Hold on, I'll do a quick scout of best party fizz for you and let you know…sometimes very cheap fizz can backfire horribly ( i.e. heartburn)…

    • So, Tesco 1er Cru (BRILLIANT fizz) is £19.94/bottle. Made from Chardonnay & Pinot Noir, with much of it sourced from Grand Cru vineyards. Amazing value.

      Or, Nicolas Feuillatte NV, currently half price £14.24 (Tesco). A much lighter style than the 1er Cru above, but a good, simple style that'll please a crowd.

      Or, Majestic has got Lanson at £25/bottle and Laurent Perrier at £28/bottle if you buy 2 bottles or more and need a 'name'.

    • All good, indeed, but I'm hanging out for a BOGOF, or even better a "all champagne half price, plus buy five, get the sixth free…." The Feuillate is getting there….

      Over-optimistic you think? Will definitely be stalking the Tesco website.

  2. Ha – strangely I've just this minute been doing LB1's piano homework and we learned Every Good Boy Deserves Fun. (I don't think he thought it was fun to be doing 6 pages of theory…). I like the idea of being a hot potato too, but like you I am edging closer to 40 and the results would not be pretty.

  3. That is BRILLIANT! I do love your blog, BTW, but it makes me miss Up Over (as opposed to Down Under) horribly. Sigh…

  4. Yes, I'm too tired to party these days; so I'm a mashed POTATO. Would love to try that champagne but I don't think we live anywhere near an Asda 🙁

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