So, Mother’s Day on Sunday. Already looking forward to my cup of tea in bed, cards and a few hastily freshly picked daffodils from the garden. But given that I plan to be on the sofa, glass in hand whilst someone else does the washing up, I want something really lovely in my glass. So this week’s wines are freshly picked with Mother’s Day in mind. Cheaper than a bunch of shop-bought flowers, too. Let’s make that glasses.

Happy Mother’s Day x

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  1. Charlotte Russell

    Firstly, ranunculas: my all-time favorite flowers (also known as Persian Buttercups). Secondly, was that the Dragon Palace in Southampton by any chance? Many a Potter birthday celebrated there!! Happy Knackered Mothers’ Day! x

  2. Happy Knackered Mother’s Day in advance. Sunday is a work day here in the ME so will be envying your prone position with wine.

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