Roll with it

It’s been a week of highs and lows. Highs include making cocktails on live radio and watching a football game at Anfield – the atmosphere! – whilst enjoying a glass of red, obviously. And I love that it’s now cold enough for proper jumpers. Preferably roll necks, not least because they hide a multitude of chins (sorry). Lows include forgetting Youngest Girl had a wear-your-own-clothes-to-school day yesterday. She was one of only two in school uniform. That said, the other boy’s mum is a teacher at the school which, if I’m honest, made me feel a bit better. Keep rolling.

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  1. Love, love, love your blog Mrs M … never fails to make me smile, keeps me sane and reassures me “it’s not just me” – along with a lovely little glass of something by my side, which I know I’m going to love because you told me so!! x

    • Helen McGinn

      Ah, thank you Vicks! Such lovely words…and definitely not just you! I tried to convince her that ‘zigging’ when everyone else was ‘zagging’ was a Good Thing. Then I took her to Peacocks and all was well x

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