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Scummy Wines

This week sees the launch of the laugh-til-you-wee Scummy Mummies book, so to celebrate I thought we’d take a look at some suitably scummy wines.

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Drinks All Round

I’ve been dying to tell you about this: I’m writing another book. And this time, we’re back on the booze. Out next year, it’s all about how to make really good cocktails at home. 

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Valentine Wines

Not that we really need an excuse to open a bottle of something pink and sparkly but at least on Valentine’s Day we don’t even have to make one up.

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And Relax

So that’s January almost over and done with. Thank goodness; it’s been exhausting. But I have JUST the thing for anyone in need of a little r&r.

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Planet Organic

A couple of weeks into the new year and I still feel like staying under a blanket until February, preferably with a Terry’s Chocolate Orange and a glass of red within reach.

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