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In The Bag

Mother’s Day soon and to celebrate I’ve got some prizes I’m hoping might appeal to anyone who’s either knackered, a mother or both.

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Is it me?

A reader emailed recently asking for some low sulphur wines to try after being told by her GP that wine intolerance was common in middle-aged pre-menopausal women and a low/no added sulphur approach might help.

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Blank Space

‘Just checking you’re ok…not seen you on social media for a bit?’ went the first message from a friend. ‘Are you away on hols?’

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Jump Start

A few years ago I bought a jumpsuit. We were off to New York for a long weekend and clearly thought a jumpsuit would elevate me from knackered mother to potential extra in Gossip Girl in one outfit.

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Lowe Point

I had lunch with Rob Lowe last week. OK, ‘had lunch with’ might be pushing it. I was in a restaurant and he was on the next door table.

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Sparking Joy

Apparently, there’s a new series on Netflix about tidying up with expert de-clutterer Marie Kondo. Now, I haven’t seen it (too busy watching the entire series of Fleabag back to back, way more fun than folding clothes).

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Back On It

So, how was it for you? Aside from doing my knee in (again) whilst trying to act out The Nutcracker in a family game of charades on Christmas Eve, mine was great.

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Christmas Spirits

Right, cocktails. Below are a few suitably festive favourites from Homemade Cocktails (my new book, just in case you’re here by accident/for the first time).

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