Find Wine!

And Relax

So that’s January almost over and done with. Thank goodness; it’s been exhausting. But I have JUST the thing for anyone in need of a little r&r.

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Planet Organic

A couple of weeks into the new year and I still feel like staying under a blanket until February, preferably with a Terry’s Chocolate Orange and a glass of red within reach.

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Wish List

Oh, I’m feeling it. I’m even making some progress on the present list. Talking of which I thought I’d share a few of my favourite booze-related present ideas, just in case scrolling through Amazon is starting to mess with your head. 

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Stiff Competition

Recovering from a mad week. I was judging at the International Wine Challenge for most of it but what really did me in was a last-minute (rare) eyebrow thread.

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