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Real Life

It’s the Easter Holidays! Or as I like to call it, that time when I spend the mornings trying to get my teenagers out of bed, the afternoon driving them around and any time in between checking they haven’t discovered this year’s hiding place for the Easter eggs.

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Homemade Festive Drinks!

Well, what a week. On Friday I popped up on This Morning to talk & taste homemade festive drinks and halfway through Gary Barlow walked onto the set and ended up tasting my Christmas Pudding Rum (click here to see what he made of it).

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Close Knit

Well hello, proper autumnal weather. Regular readers will know how excited I am about this. Basically I was born to wear big jumpers, polo necks, chunky knits and cardigans.

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Bar Work

So they’re finally back at school (pumps fist) and I’m very much back to work after a few weeks off. Well, I say work.

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