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Baby Pink

Last Saturday was National Rosé Day but given the recent news on lockdown restrictions I’m thinking we just extend it. At least until the 19th July, anyway.

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Tasting Notes

As you know, I spend a lot of time tasting wine. (Yes, I know. My job is ridiculous). But over the next few weeks I’ll be tasting more wines than usual.

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Easter Wine Giveaway!

Much as I love chocolate at Easter I’m more about the wines on the table, tbh. And this year it looks like we’ll be able to finally get together in the garden with people other than the ones we live with!

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Sunny Delight

There are daffodils in the garden and we even had a brief spell of sunshine for about three minutes a few weeks ago so, obviously, it’s time to talk rosé.

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Lost for words

Well, I wasn’t expecting that. No, not the roadmap. I’m talking about what happened when my debut novel This Changes Everything was published just a few weeks ago.

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It’s Here!

I have news! My new book, This Changes Everything, is being published a few days early so if you’ve pre-ordered an e-book it will ping onto your device TODAY!

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Escape Plan

How are you? I know, me too. But the end of January is in sight and publication day for my debut novel This Changes Everything is just two weeks away!

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Story Time

Time’s hardly flying by at the moment (seriously, a single home-school day feels like a week right now) but one thing that’s come around really quickly is *drum roll* publication day for my debut novel, This Changes Everything.

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