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Holiday Booking

Well, it’s been fun. Relative lie-ins, impromptu picnics on the beach, slightly too much pizza. Even losing half of our luggage on the flight back from our holiday didn’t dampen my spirits, not least because it halved the amount of post-holiday washing.

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Rosé All Day

Actually it was all morning, tasting a line up of rosé wines made by celebrities on This Morning. I had to really concentrate, not least because all I really wanted to ask was where presenter Rochelle Humes got her dress from (Ganni, I looked it up afterwards).

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Boiling Point

And so finally – finally! – my kids have broken up for the summer holidays. After what felt like weeks of end of term celebrations, we headed to the beach after their last day.

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Quiet Time

Last week I hosted a wine tasting with a group of wine-loving women organised by clothing brand Hush. Now, if there were such a thing as a spirit clothing brand, Hush would be mine.

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Chill Out

One of the best bits about being in a TV studio is you never know who you might see. I did a wine tasting on This Morning earlier this week and saw the back of Jason Donovan’s head and the woman from Tenko.

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Happy Daze

Endless cups of tea on the sofa, nailing the last series of Catastrophe I’ve been meaning to watch for ages…turns out recovering from knee surgery can be FUN.

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Feet Up

Remember I hurt my knee doing The Nutcracker at Christmas? (We take charades very seriously in this house). Turns out I’ve got to have surgery later this week so I’ll be sofa-bound for a couple of days post-op.

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Star Quality

I spent much of last week tasting wine in a professional capacity and therefore, sadly, having to spit it out. But there was one particular event that didn’t require any spitting.

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Baby Steps

I do love a baby. Especially mine obviously, but they’re not babies anymore. And I’m not broody when I see one nowadays, just ridiculously tears-in-eyes happy.

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