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Fall In

Well, wasn’t that fun? Six weeks filled with sun and fun. Apart from the bits when it p*ssed with rain (quite a lot) and we all drove each other mad (quite a lot).

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Happy Campers

So Camp Bestival at the weekend was wet but happily the wine was dry. And delicious. And plentiful. On Saturday night around 50 of us crammed into a tent for the annual Secret Mummies Wine Club and, as always, The Scummy Mummies made us laugh a lot. 

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Love All

Good TV is like buses. Nothing, then two arrive at once. I’m talking about Wimbledon and Love Island, obviously. I love both, equally.

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Flying By

What a week. Met a deadline on Tuesday, another on Wednesday, had a flat tyre on Thursday (sorry, this is sounding like the worst Craig David song ever).

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Hot Stuff

Last week was mostly fuelled by codeine following knee surgery so I didn’t get to post. Instead I shared something on the KMWC Facebook page I’d prepared earlier: me flying on a trapeze.

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Peas & Love

Yes, that is a pea in my drink. And it was delicious, sipped in the Seedlip bar at the Chelsea Flower Show where I spent yesterday afternoon enjoying a slice of horticultural heaven.

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