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Free Wine, Frankly

We’re back in big jumper season again and honestly, I’m thrilled. Much as I love the feel of sun on skin give me a polo neck, roaring fire and a glass of red any day.

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Full Stop

Last week I had a proper break. Sadly it didn’t involve a tropical island for obvious reasons but we did escape to Cornwall for a few days to stay in one of my favourite pubs on the planet.

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Cleaning Up

A few weeks ago Cameron Diaz launched a ‘clean’ wine brand called Avaline. In this video she talks about how she was shocked to learn most wines are full of additives (they’re not) and not suitable for vegans (most are).

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Feeling Flush

I posted a picture of a wine over on my Instagram page yesterday, a gorgeous Melon de Bourgogne/Chardonnay blend I’d recommended to a friend.

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Full English

No, I’m not talking about breakfast (although wine at breakfast was an entirely acceptable notion during lockdown). It’s English Wine Week and I got to taste my way through a selection of brilliant wines (with Jack Whitehall!) on last weekend’s Saturday Kitchen.

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