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Saturday Job

Yup, still January. But there have been highlights: I got to hold a copy of my new (old) book, the updated Knackered Mother’s Wine Guide, in my hands for the first time.

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Damp Patch

I’m talking about January, obviously. And instead of going dry (oh come on, we’ve talked about this) I’m doing a dry-ish January.

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Christmas Drinks

I’m definitely feeling festive and that’s not just the trifle-flavoured cream liqueur talking. The tree is up, mince pies have been made (and eaten in front of The Holiday) and I’ve even managed to buy a few presents, albeit online and maybe a little wine-fluenced.

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Kitchen Roll

I spent pretty much all of Saturday in the kitchen. But unlike my own (messy, overrun with dogs/kids) this one was full of talented chefs and a celebrity guest.

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Rebel Yelp

A few weeks ago I found myself in central London with half an hour to kill between meetings. Normally I’d grab a coffee and head to Liberty’s stationary department but on this particular occasion I decided to do something a little more adventurous.

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Time Out

We’re into the second week of half term (the boys have two weeks off. TWO WEEKS! ) and we’re all still talking to each other.

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Especially for you

I did it! And I loved every single minute of my first Saturday Kitchen Live experience. OK so I wasn’t mad about the coral lipstick and the camera definitely adds at least 10lbs but I got to eat unbelievably good food and drink wine at 10am on a Saturday morning.

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