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Cheap Champers

I read something that made me laugh out loud on a heavenly family-of-five-in-a-small-confined-space car journey last weekend. Apparently someone once said that one of the foremost over-rated things in life is cheap Champagne.

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Harvest Moon

Big night in our village tonight: the Harvest Supper. I was on the ‘young’ table (i.e. six out of eight were under 45) and we were entertained by a singer who made her name singing the hook line for the old Fairy Liquid adverts.

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Hello old friend..

My husband says I’m not to mention him in this blog unless it is in a positive light. So, unless my devastingly good-looking, intelligent, witty, so-hands-on-with-the-children-I-don’t-know-how-lucky-I-am husband does anything to upset me, he won’t be featuring.

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Thought it might be useful to suggest two wines a week: 1) the white in the fridge 2) the red on the side If I find a good rose or sparkling, I’ll include these too.

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That first sip…

Wednesday evening. Three children, all in bed. Bath run, not eaten yet. Work calling but had an idea. Start a blog to tell people what I’m having a glass of once the little ones are in bed.

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